Brunette Downs -Northern Territory

Photographs from assignment on Brunette Downs in the Northern Territory. Der Spiegel writer Takis Wurger and myself spent 5 days on Brunette Downs, one of the largest cattle stations in Australia it is said to be bigger than some countries. Henry and Burnadette Burke opened up all doors to the property to us with very warm hospitality. We had a taste of most aspects of the daily life of the property as we crossed the length and breadth of the 12,212 sq km Barkly Tableland property. We witnessed the repairing of a problem bore, went out with cattle muster, stayed overnight sleeping under the stairs along with a muster team camped out on location, we watched the movement of the muster from a muster helicopter, observed the drafting of cattle in the yards, and watched the three carriage road train drop animals off in a new paddock.

The work is highly skilled, physically demanding and requires a lot of strength and patience.

Australian Cattle Property Brunette Downs – Images | Michael Amendolia – Photography.

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