Der Spiegel article.


Der Spiegel Article on methane gas from cows

Der Spiegel article on methane from cows and three ipad videos. In August this year I spent five days working on a story for Der Spiegel magazine in Germany on the effects of methane gas from cows and it’s effect on the greenhouse gas and climate change. Working with staff writer Takis Wurger it was the first time I had shot video on an assignment. As a result Der Spiegel created these three videos for the ipad edition.

I shot the stills and video on my Canon 5D mark 2. In making the video I attached a Hoodman Lube and a Rode stereo mic, for interviews extended by an extension cable with the microphone held under the chin of the subject. Interviews were made using a lightweight Manfrotto tripod and a video head. Some of my video got a little shaky bouncing along on the back of the utility following the cattle muster otherwise I kept the focal length fairly wide when working handheld and used a tripod for longer lens work. Working in stills and video comes with some compromise, although I feel it was fine when you have some time.

I cannot image it would work well on a moving news assignment although on a feature story it may be fine although tough decisions need to be made when time and moments are short.

Click on the links to check them out.

One Comment on “Der Spiegel article.

  1. Hey Michael, found that video you told me about, nice work. Must have been a fun job! (Just don’t let the Spiegel guys see you made a Speigel out of them 😉 haha, just being pedantic again.
    have a great week!

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