Michael Amendolia Photographer

Photography is both a passion and a profession for Michael. He has twenty seven years experience in photography. The first thirteen years on staff at News Limited and the rest as freelancer working for Australian and International magazines and organisations.

Michael has worked for editorial clients in USA, United Kingdom, France and Germany. Today, he is more often than not applying his story telling skills to marketing and advertising materials for companies and organizations.

His core work is found in portraits, photo documentary, and landscape. Journalism photography has taught him to apply himself visually to what ever is required to meet a clients brief which some times cross a number of genres and certainly across the spectrum of life.

He was awarded first prize in 1999, 2001 at the World Press Photo Awards in the Science and Technology category and third in Nature and Environment in 2003.

He was the principal photographer for the book “Seeing is Believing” based on the work of Professor Fred Hollows. The Fred Hollows Foundation has been using his images made for that book for 15 years in their advertising and marketing.

Michael is one of four founding members of the Bi-Annual Reportage festival based on documentary photography and photojournalism.

Sydney is his base and when Michael is not working he loves to throw himself in the ocean, cook up some Indian curry and hang out with his wife and two young daughters.

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    • Thankyou Russell PhotoShelter just offered these new portfolio specific options one home page wall and the other scroll down portfolios…. Just what I needed.

      The blog is a word press template I wanted to look contemporary And matched in some way the portfolio site…thanks for your feedback All the best michael

      Michael Amendolia

      0418621845 0290164018 michael@michaelamendolia.com This message has been sent from an mobile phone, it may be brief.

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