Late last year I was asked by the editor and chief of Australian Geographic magazine Chrissie Goldrick to come into the office and discuss with writer Peter Meredith and the Geographic team the logistics for a story proposed on music. The idea was to report on how music plays such an important part in our lives. How people from all cultures the world over use music and dance and how… Read More

My Multimedia story on the work of Nepalese Dr Sanduk Ruit, and his Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology shot last month in Kathmandu with support of the Fred Hollows Foundation has just been published to the independent journalism website which is I believe is excellent and free to subcribe to. See story online here It is my first multimedia presentation published to the web. Over the last eighteen months I have… Read More

Reportage A Retrospective exhibition 1999-2009 at the National Art School Photographer and writer Robert McFarlane opened “Reportage A Retrospective exhibition 1999-2009” at the National Art School Forbes & Burton Streets, East Sydney (Outdoor Exhibition) Thursday night. It runs from November 11 – 21, 2010 it presents an selection of some of the most memorable photographs from the past decade of the Reportage Festival curated by Stephen Dupont, David Dare Parker, Jack Picone, Billy Plummer… Read More

Der Spiegel article on methane from cows and three ipad videos. In August this year I spent five days working on a story for Der Spiegel magazine in Germany on the effects of methane gas from cows and it’s effect on the greenhouse gas and climate change. Working with staff writer Takis Wurger it was the first time I had shot video on an assignment. As a result Der Spiegel created these… Read More