“Seeking Humanity” a collaboration between artist Wendy Sharpe and The Asylum Seekers Centre based in Newtown Sydney. Filmed and created by Michael Amendolia and Phil Lamont it was made to promote and publicise the project.

Artist Wendy Sharpe draws former Asylum Seeker Murray from Sierra Leone -Time Lapse Video

Video I filmed on the Sydney Sings Choir featuring conductor Elizabeth Lecoanet for a story on “The Symphony of the Mind” made for the March April 2014 edition of Australian Geographic Magazine.

Video filmed and produced for the Fred Hollows Foundation and published by The Global Mail in Australia. It features the work of Nepalese ophthalmologist Dr Sanduk Ruit and Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in Kathmandu.

Mungo Man 40th Anniversary. Forty years ago the remains of a man were found at Lake Mungo in NSW. This discovery would forever change our understanding of the Aboriginal history of Australia. Filmed for Australian Geographic magazine.

Parliament House in Canberra. Go behind the scenes with the people who run Australia’s national building.

Filmed for Australian Geographic Magazine.

Dr Kris Rallah-Baker is Australian’s first indigenous eye doctor set to become an opthlamologist next year.

Filmed for Fred Hollows foundation and the Sydney Morning Herald

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